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Our project successfully continues, and currently we have 86 infants between ages six months and two years in the program, but we still have many mothers who want the same help for their infants. They come to our family in Chennai in person on a regular basis, and we unfortunately have to send them away.

We do take their information, and upon receiving more donations, we plan on adding more of these babies.

So, please donate today. was founded by us in 2006. Here is the reason we have undertaken this effort:

On July 3, 2005, we gave birth to our beloved daughter, Angelina. We quickly discovered that when Angelina is hungry, her crying and desperation to eat is unbearable to listen to, even for a second. As we witnessed the intense desperation for food of our own little girl, we started thinking about all the babies in my home country of India, and how many of them go without proper nutrition during their first 2 years. Many fathers and mothers just don't have enough money to provide an adequate nutritious diet for their babies. And many infants are left crying in their hunger.

At this point we knew we had to do something for some of the infants in India. So, we decided to sponser 55 infants for monthly baby formulas. We funded this venture on our own and for about $400 a month, we were able to commit to feed 55 infants for these critical months of their life.

Working through a network of family and friends in Chennai, we identified infants and their mothers who needed help. We established the logistics for identifying the infants each month when they come to the distribution center for their supplies. We then arranged with vendors to supply the necessary nutitious formula.

Only a few days after the first distribution of formula in March 2006, more families arrived at the distribution center pleading for assistance. To try to meet the needs of these increasing number of families with infants, we decided to start an organization, with the help of many of our extended family members in USA and India, to collect donations to support more infants in their developing years. If you would like to join this effort, even more children will be given a better start in life.

Any contribution you make, no matter how much you can contribute, will help as its all adds up and really helps.

Thank you,

Alan and Anita Teig